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Shane's Crib


Shane's Crib is a 12 month residential program that is composed of a 3 phase process, with evaluations for our aftercare program.


We have carefully planned the schedule so the needs of the residents are met in a manner that will allow them to be bridged back into society. We provide an environment where these sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers can begin to feel worthy and loved again.


Teaching them how to allow Christian love to be the guide to their day to day lives. Faith-based simply means we believe long-term sobriety and relational health comes from intimacy with God, self, and others. Because we want to help women figure out who God is, we have created a safe environment to express doubt and explore questions of faith. 

No parent should have to bury a child.

But for Wayne County resident Cheryl Mainor, that sentiment became her reality when she lost her 22-year-old son, Shane.

It is this enduring faith in God that has turned Cheryl’s tragedy into a personal challenge to become an advocate and educate others about the dangers of drugs and dependency.

Shane Mainor


Our Mission

At Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Center, we are all about rescuing women, redeeming lives and restoring families.

Frontline Warriors at Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program

Rescuing Women

Shane’s Crib Discipleship and
Recovery Center provides a safe
place for broken women to flee from
the hurts, habits, and hangups of
life. With 21 acres between 2
campuses, we provide a refuge for
women to have the time they need
to uncover the roots of their trauma,
so they can find everlasting

Graduates on graduation day Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program

Redeeming Lives

Shane’s Crib Discipleship and
Recovery Center guides women
into a meaningful, restorative
relationship with Jesus Christ. We
walk beside them as they leave
their old lives behind; releasing the
guilt, shame, hurt and secrets of
their past.

Restoring families at Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program

Restoring Families

Shane’s Crib Discipleship and
Recovery Center establishes
foundations for newly equipped
women to transition into amazing
new sober lives filled with hope and
purpose. Empowered women go
into their communities to lead
productive, healthy, and successful
lives. 2 Corinthians 5:17


Those who have sown in tears will reap with songs of joy.  - Psalm 126:5

We are committed to providing truths to woman who suffer from chemical dependency.  


Their truths will be taught as they relate to the most basic of life issues, assisting them to becoming aware of God's power in their lives through the Holy Spirit.

Women at Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program


Spirituality plays a huge role in gaining ground against the disease. In order to be connected with God you must first surrender.


Absolute surrender includes a radical change in behavior and the persons belief system. One has to admit powerlessness against the disease and adopt the belief system that there is one who can help, through our faith-based program we can do just that.

One must be willing to turn all of your cares over to Him on a daily basis in order to remain in permanent recovery. Healing will follow with absolute surrender.


Contrary to what people think, the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection. 


Throughout our program we help restore what was once broken to help the individual find restoration in all relationships.


Our goal is that husbands, parents, siblings, children and adult children will all have the opportunity to learn the same lessons as our women—that healthy relationship comes from lasting intimacy with God, self and others. 


Addiction leads to a life of chaos and destruction. Recognizing that to reintegrate these women into society as functioning members, we must rebuild essential life skills.


Our on campus workplace environments foster accountability, build work ethic, and provide job skills training.


So right away our women begin work on campus for 4 hours a day. As those skills start to become natural at the 90-180 day time, our woment transition into full time employment out in society.

What We Believe

Spiritual Disease

We believe that addiction is primarily a spiritual disease which is manifested in the physical body.

Biblical Principles

We believe that spiritual disease must be battled using spiritual methods.  You may experience Biblical/Spiritual Principles in this program.

At Shane's Crib we lead our residents down a road to recovery using 12-steps of faith.

The education of addiction and recovery is broken down into a three phase process. We believe that this process will lead to a permanent recovery. 

If you’d like more information about our program, get in touch today.

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