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Living Waters

Living Waters ministry is focused on redemption of life and

receiving a new foundation in Jesus Christ.

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This healing and empowering ministry at Living Waters is focused on redemption of life and receiving a new foundation in Jesus Christ. Living Waters will not be only focused on the woman who needs recovery from substances, but for any woman who is struggling to find self worth, identity, hope and love.

Debt Consolidation & Ministry Launching

By consolidating debt, Living Waters can strengthen its financial position, expand its staff, and further its mission of providing holistic care and support to women in need, ultimately fulfilling its vision of facilitating healing and empowerment through the love of Christ.

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Our Goal is to Raise $357,000

Stories of Overcoming

Graduate of Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program
Before picture of graduate of Shane's Crib Discipleship & Recovery Center
Anna battled active addiction for two decades, initially triggered by the loss of her best friend at 17. Despite a temporary slowdown during the birth of her first child, her addiction resurged after the second child, leading to a toxic, abusive marriage and a five-year separation from her children. However, after encountering God in jail and finding hope at Shane's Crib, Anna's life transformed, and she now proudly cheers on her fellow sisters in recovery, reunited with her two boys.

Anna Googe, Graduate of Shane's Crib

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Make a Difference

By giving today, you are changing one woman's life at a time through empowerment and facilitating the love of Christ.

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