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The Villages

A Ministry of Shane's Crib

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The Villages

The Villages is a place where families can become families once again and children can be placed back with their mothers. It’s a safe place where mothers are supported and children can be thriving in an environment that is conducive to growing and healing.

Why the Villages?

While women are in recovery, many must displace their children to other friends, family or the foster system. As you can imagine, many times this is not ideal situations for these children. The Villages are the answer to these dire situations.

About The Villages

The Villages currently sits on 5 acres located behind our Living waters facility in Jesup Ga and is a place for 5 tiny homes. These homes at 1000+ square feet have two bedrooms, one bathroom which is perfect for the mom coming out of recovery and being able to be reunited with her children once again.

The Story

Every home is named with the woman in

recovery in mind.

Faith. Hope. Grace. Promise. Hannah. 

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