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a place
for women to overcome addiction 

empowering women, restoring lives

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Shane's Crib is a long-term, residential,

faith-based program for women in addiction.

Faith-based means we believe in long-term sobriety and relational health which comes from intimacy with God, self and others.

Our Mission

At Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Center, we are all about rescuing women, redeeming lives and restoring families.

Frontline Warriors at Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program

Rescuing Women

Shane’s Crib Discipleship and
Recovery Center provides a safe
place for broken women to flee from
the hurts, habits, and hangups of
life. With 21 acres between 2
campuses, we provide a refuge for
women to have the time they need
to uncover the roots of their trauma,
so they can find everlasting

Graduates on graduation day at Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program

Redeeming Lives

Shane’s Crib Discipleship and
Recovery Center guides women
into a meaningful, restorative
relationship with Jesus Christ. We
walk beside them as they leave
their old lives behind; releasing the
guilt, shame, hurt and secrets of
their past.

Families restored at Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program

Restoring Families

Shane’s Crib Discipleship and
Recovery Center establishes
foundations for newly equipped
women to transition into amazing
new sober lives filled with hope and
purpose. Empowered women go
into their communities to lead
productive, healthy, and successful
lives. 2 Corinthians 5:17

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Living Waters

This healing and empowering ministry at Living Waters is focused on redemption of life and receiving a new foundation in Jesus Christ. Living Waters will not be only focused on the woman who needs recovery from substances, but for any woman who is struggling to find self worth, identity, hope and love.

Phase 1

Lasting 0-3 months, you will be accepted into our intake facility. You will begin to walk out the 12 steps of faith, focusing on steps 1-3 and by 60-90 days you will have learned acceptance as well as completed the overcomers notebook.

Graduate of Shane's Crib Discipleship & Recovery Center


Phase 2 

Lasting approximately 3-9 months, you will continue to work through 12 steps. You will have completed your life history and become employed. Our primary focus will be becoming a productive member of society and develop a plan for healthy, structured living.


Phase 3

At approximately 9-12 months, you will focus on a relapse prevention workbook and have thoroughly worked through all 12 steps. A mentor will work with you on life skills and trigger identification.

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Pastor Cheryl Mainor


"Grateful and blessed, I along with my team stand together united to give the gift of life back to families through our life Experiences and Christian love.


At Shane's Crib, we are not only helping women work a program of recovery from drug addiction, but also helping them overcome their past obstacles, develop improved relationships, and most importantly develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."


"Therefore, If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come, the old has gone, the new is here." 

2 Corinthians 5:1

A Staff in Recovery

Fighting with you in Recovery

We are unique in that our staff are in recovery.

We understand exactly what you are going through and are empathetic and compassionate to your unique situation.

Staff at Shane's Crib Discipleship & Recovery Center

Stories of Overcoming

Graduate of Shane's Crib Discipleship and Recovery Program
Before picture of graduate of Shane's Crib Discipleship & Recovery Center
Anna battled active addiction for two decades, initially triggered by the loss of her best friend at 17. Despite a temporary slowdown during the birth of her first child, her addiction resurged after the second child, leading to a toxic, abusive marriage and a five-year separation from her children. However, after encountering God in jail and finding hope at Shane's Crib, Anna's life transformed, and she now proudly cheers on her fellow sisters in recovery, reunited with her two boys.

Anna Googe, Graduate of Shane's Crib

"We are committed to providing truths to women who suffer from chemical dependency. Their truths will be taught as they related to the most basic life issues, assisting them to become aware of God's power in their lives through the Holy Spirit."

Our Vision

Shane's Crib Frontline Warriors

Support Our Mission

Support us in our mission to transform the lives of women, one at a time, by contributing and partnering with us today. Your generous donations aid women, such as Amy pictured above, in overcoming addiction and building thriving lives.

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